The lions have been feeding their brother, who was caught in a trap, for years. If it wasn’t for their help then the animal would’ve died of starvation!

In 2009 in Tanzania, small lion cubs fell into a poacher’s trap. The cub put his head inside a tight wire hoop set for antelopes. Tourists noticed the injured small animal and quickly reported the incident to the reserve employees. Despite a lot of effort, they weren’t able to track it down.

They declared that the lion was died or eaten by other predators. The truth turned out to be completely different. The animal was still caught in his metal collar, it was growing into his neck more and more, dooming him at the same time to cruel suffering. In August of 2012, the animal was spotted again by tourists. He was surrounded by a pack of adult individuals, who brought him food… The reserve employees affirmed that the lions regularly fed him. The injury on his neck was so huge that it prevented him from hunting. If it wasn’t for his brothers’ help, then he would’ve certainly died of hunger.