Two Venezuelan magicians have conquered the Internet with their unique films. When I saw it, I could not believe it was just an illusion

The confusion with illusion and assembly has never been so spectacular. Various videos are created to look as real as possible.

In spite of it all, we know subconsciously that they have little in common with reality. However, watching the movies of 21-year-old Kevin Lustgarten and 26-year-old Alejandro Benzaquen can really confuse what is real with what is added computer affect and illusion. What is the key to the success of these two young Venezuelans?

As they say, ideas for magical recordings come from everyday life.

We observe a reality that we then try to turn upside down. We want to show the power of creativity and simplicity,” says Kevin Lustgarten. >

What magicians try to do, others cannot do, even with the us of sophisticated, ultra-professional recording tools; magicians only need a basic assembly program, creativity and a little willingness. This, for the young Venezuelans, is the primary source of fun.

It brings them much joy that what we do is pleasing to people. They ask us: how did we do it? We invited them to share the following recording and to present their ways. “It’s really nothing difficult,” insists the YouTube magician.

The two magicians met in college. When it turned out that they have shared interests (magic tricks, optical illusions and film editing), they decided to create something together. An Instagram account was created, which the men simply called 2-Venezulans.

At first, it was viewed by 1,000 people, and soon it increased to 30,000! People loved the reality in the twisted ways of the two nice, caring students that presented a world in which the impossible becomes possible.

These compilations started in 2015. These compilations of magic tricks, optical illusions and subtle assembly tricks are real masterpieces.

If you do not you believe it, find out for yourself by going to the video below.