The man published an image online saying that he wanted to give away his puppies. People could not believe the conditions in which he held them

A man decided to give away the dog that faithfully served him for the last few years. He also decided to give away the dog’s nine puppies. When people saw his pictures, they could not believe that he was keeping the little ones in such conditions.

Nana, as that was the dog’s name, lived for three on a short chain with no shelter. She had puppies 3 times, but her previous ones did not survive such extreme conditions. This time the puppies survived, so the owner wanted to get rid of them.


Shortly after the publication of this entry, his neighbors took all of his dogs. A lawyer from an organization helping dogs gathered funds for their care. Dogs cannot remain in such conditions, Nana dug a hole tin the ground to hide them from the scorching sun.


Money was raised for the animals. Nana was taught to trust people, and puppies were getting the best food to recover.