The mom of these kids was surprised. These things happen very rarely indeed!

The 23-year-old Becky-Jo Allen and her boyfriend, Liam Tierney were a joyful family, peacefully raising their daughter Indiana. At some point, they began to think about having a larger family, so when the pregnancy test turned out positive, they felt very lucky.

However, it soon turned out that the pregnancy would bring them many more surprises. Initially very excited, Becky-Jo felt very bad from almost the very beginning of the pregnancy.


She suffered from morning headaches as well as extremely severe nausea. During the first visit to the gynecologist, she waited for the results of the ultrasound with impatience and fear, prepared for the worst.

She truly did not expect what her doctor told her.

Becky-Jo was pregnant with triplets. The couple felt great relief and suffered a huge shock at the same time.

In my family, no one has ever had triplets – says Becky-Jo. – It was absolutely unexpected!