The most common makeup mistakes. See what to do, to avoid them!

Every woman wants to look beautiful, regardless of age or skin color. Our biggest weapon is the right makeup, which can hide almost all imperfections, yet not everyone can put it on the right way.

It’s good to stay with rule that less is more. See 15 of the most common mistakes made in putting on makeup!

1.Too much of everything!

Don’t turn your face into a mask! When preparing make up for work or school, all you need is a light foundation, mascara, and a slight smudge of lipstick or our favorite lip gloss. You can let yourself do more for the evening, but remember to remember the rule that if you accent your eyes more, then don’t do strong lips, and vice versa.


2.Sticky eyelashes.

It happens often, when we add another layer of mascara. Then eyelashes become very heavy and look monstrous. It’s better to do it once, but well!


3.Thin lips with dark lipstick on.

Not everyone has lips like Angelina Jolie! If you have small and thin lips, you should use light colored lipstick. Dark colors make lips look optically smaller!