The mother had suspicions that the babysitter was mistreating her son, a Down syndrome sufferer. A hidden camera recorded a nightmarish scene!

A resident of the US state of Kentucky, Tiffany Fields, is the mother of a four-year old boy. The child has Down syndrome, suffers from epilepsy, and has quite a serious heart defect. Due to his health conditions, Luke requires constant care.

Tiffany decided that a good solution would be to employ babysitters. Lillian White took care of the boy every Friday while his mother performed other duties. After some time, the woman noticed changes in the behavior of her son.


She suspected that they could be caused by the babysitter and installed a hidden camera in the house. Once she scanned the recording, her worst suspicions were confirmed.

The film shows how cruelly Lillian treated the sick child. She pulled him through the living room and shouted at him. At some point, she sat on his face and brutally changed his pants.


The mother was shocked that someone could treat her son that way. She reacted immediately and informed the relevant authorities.

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