The mother of a sick child prefers to trust her own intuition rather than a doctor’s! What she did was unbelievable!

There isn’t anything worse for a parent than a suffering child, who can’t be helped. Unfortunately this calamity struck the 35-year-old Stephanie Smith, whose young son Isaiah was born with a serious disease. When the child was born, there was no indication that it awaits a several month long nightmare.

Everything was fine, and the mother was the happiest woman in the world, holding her young son in her arms. After three months, problems started. Isaiah got terrible rashes and blushes once traces of perfume showed up in the air, every encounter with any odors caused powerful irritation.

It was so bad that she couldn’t even touch or hug him. The small child cried for days in pain. Subsequent visits to specialists didn’t bring any results. 35 specialists couldn’t find a solution. The ensuing steroids and drugs brought relief only for a few days, then the pain returned.


Baths brought relief, the boy immersed in lukewarm water could fall asleep for a moment without pain.


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