The owner of a dog was speechless after reading a card attached to her pets collar…

One day I noticed a dog wandering around my garden. It was an older dog, and had a collar so it wasn’t without an owner. It also looked like it was taken care of. When it noticed me, it came up and let me pet him. After breaking the ice between me and the animal, he followed me home.

He went slowly through the hallway, and then laid in the corner and fell asleep. After napping for an hour, he got up and went to the door, which was a sign for me that he wanted to go outside. The next day, he visited me again.

The routine of this meeting was the same as the day before. He followed me home again and napped for an hour. This situation repeated itself again for the next few weeks with breaks.

Day after day, I grew more curious about who this adorable dog belongs to, which is why I attached a card to his collar, in which I wrote: “I would like to know who the owner of this adorable dog is? I would like the owner to know that I am wondering, because the dog comes to me every day for an afternoon nap.”

The response came very quickly, on the next day. The card had writing inside it: “Thank you for this information. The dog lives with six children, of which two aren’t even three yet. It’s probably why he’s trying to make up for lost sleep. Maybe I could join him tomorrow?”


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