The owner of a store kicked a homeless person laying under his shop. What he saw in the video surveillance moved him to tears

When we see a homeless person, we usually think of only a beggar or an alcoholic. We frequently have the feeling that they have done something to deserve such a fate, which is why it’s so hard to give them a helping hand.

In some sense it’s true. Drugs, conflicts with the law, and the lack of money made most of them land on the streets overnight. But are we justly stereotyping everyone? Remember, that behind each homeless person lays a sad story. Let’s not judge them until we get to know how life treated them.

The advertisement below tugs by the heartstrings and forces you to reflect. It shows a shop owner from Thailand, who shoos away a sleeping man form under his store. He, however, keeps on coming back. One day the shop owner decided to kick him. After that, the guy doesn’t come back. After a while, the man watches surveillance recordings. What he saw, moved him to tears.


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