The parents of thousands of children are terrified. There are carcinogenic ingredients in the products of Johnson & Johnson!

A child’s health is the most important thing for every mother, so women make every effort in order to ensure all of the best things for their children. It’s not a simple task, because danger is lurking at every corner, even in products intended just for children and infants.

Taking care of a child a few months old requires the use of many special cosmetics: gels, soaps, creams or powders. The assortment of these in the market is huge, but shopping carts are most often filled with products of popular brands, known by consumers for many years, and easily available in drugstores. Unfortunately, this decision may happen to be quite fatal for the child’s health.


The immune system of a child, especially an infant, is not yet fully developed, so it needs special protection. In view of that, children’s cosmetics should be gentle and not irritate their delicate skin. They should also be free of harmful substances and pathogens, because their presence can cause various diseases, such as autoimmune and chronic diseases.

A baby’s skin needs proper care.


One of the leading companies in the cosmetic industry, the colossal Johnson & Johnson, abuses the trust of mothers and uses substances with carcinogenic properties to make its products. Over the years, women unconsciously were buying products that can harm their children. Of course, commercials are what encourages them to buy it by showing very happy children after using an advertised cosmetic, and smiling and calm moms. So, you should remember that advertising is fiction, and that the truth is in the list of ingredients printed on the product packaging.

The Johnson & Johnson company has existed since the late XIX century.