The police received a strange call from the old man. When they arrived, they discovered that someone in used his naiveté to the full

Certain jobs require a vocation. Doctor, teacher, nurse, soldier or policeman are among them. In these professions, it is very important to have passion for what you are doing and feel that the work is a service.

People call the police with various strange things, among which there are also silly jokes. Officers are so accustomed to unusual requests, but they do not neglect them, as their help can be someone’s only salvation. Police officers from the town of Mount Pleasant, Tennessee (USA) were in such a situation. An old man called them, introduced himself and asked if the police could bring him something to eat.


The police officers from the town of 5,000 took it very seriously and went to his apartment. It turned out that the old man had not eaten for two days. The cause of the tragedy was a nurse who emptied his account, took the cash and disappeared, leaving the senior to his fate.

Many people use the naiveté and the infirmity of older people and rob them

The 79-year-old admitted that he had no family and did not know who to turn to for help. The officers not only took note of the theft report for the savings of the man, but also stocked his fridge. With their own money, they gave him a supply of food for the whole month.

The police did more than was required by their police duties.

Was the thief caught? What were the police officers inspired to do thanks to the story of the hungry old man? Read about this on the next page.