The policeman began to sniff a doll found in the 45-year-old’s apartment. He did not expect to discover blood in her secret veins!

People most often judge others by appearance, education and their material status.

When we see a well-kept and well-dressed man on the street, we assume that he is important and that he earns a lot of money. We begin to wonder who he could be? An official, a doctor, a lawyer, and maybe he owns a large company? We do not even suspect that such a person could be dangerous. Appearances are misleading, and after the first glance a gentle person may turn out to be completely different.

The hero of this article was a well-known scientist, writer and historian of cemeteries. None of his friends or family suspected that Anatoly Moskvin could have something on his conscience. He was a loner and did not like to interact with people, but he never harmed anyone. In November of 2011 the Russian police entered his apartment in Nizhny Novgorod. They were amazed that the 45-year-old man had such strange decor. The small apartment was packed with books, toys and colorful clothes. The officers began to wonder why a childless bachelor had so many dolls and children’s clothing.

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