The Reaction Of These Orphaned Elephants For The Meeting With This Woman Will Make You Cry

Daphne Sheldrich decided to sacrifice her life on rescuing the orphaned little elephants in the Nairobi Elephant Orphanage (an orphanage for elephants) in Kenya.

For 40 years this amazing woman has been looking after small elephants, that tragically lost their families – because of human actions, predators’ attacks and many other reasons.


The main aim of Daphne is not only rescuing the little animals but also – in the future – the help to return into the natural habitat.

Watching the photo below where the little animals cuddle up to the human, it is hard to control tears. Animals and people can live together. We only need a bit of good will!

Sheldrick was honoured by Queen Elisabeth for her care over elephants. She also designed a new method of animal husbandry and new milk necessary for proper development.

More about Daphne you can read here ->

. Fortunately, there are people with big hearts!

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