The reaction of this female dog to the recovery of her puppies is unbelievable!

Dogs are not only devoted and faithful companions of people, but also wonderful parents. Their devotion is repeatedly confirmed through a number of recordings posted on the internet. They’re able to return to a burning building for their litter and defend them even if the price they’ll have to pay is their own life. Such stories aren’t uncommon. Since these animals are able to devote themselves to humans and protect us, there is no doubt that they can do even more for their own children.

It’s hard to say why this dog’s mother lost her puppies. Did the owners decide to take them away or was the mother homeless and did she lose contact with her litter? We don’t know. We only know how the story ended, and it is very touching.

We know for sure that after the recovery, the female dog behaved incredibly. This brief recording is filled with emotions and shows how much the mother is attached to her youngsters.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the dog started to shed tears after being reunited with her pups! Tears are running down her snout! If it wasn’t for this recording, you might think that such stories happen only in our imagination. See the video for yourself:

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