The reason why this horse is carrying hay around in its mouth is beautiful.. See who he’s working so hard for!

For some people, horses are amazing animals, for others they’re just ordinary everyday creatures. There are people who have contact with them every day, yet still treat them very objectively. They are usually used for making money or giving people a whole bunch of different attractions.

It’s important to remember that horses are wonderful animals. They are proud, noble, and majestic. They emanate a lot of strength and a unique appearance, just looking at them is greatly pleasing. Like any animal, they have a lot of feelings, which they’re not afraid to show. Their sensitivity can constantly be surprising and induce you to reflect for a moment.

The horse in the video below is running with hay in its mouth, so it can give it to its girlfriend as fast as possible. The mare is tied and can’t get to food by herself. The brave knight shares with her what he was able to get. See how their meeting looked like. Beautiful, isn’t it?





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