The secret of a well-known actor disclosed only after his death. Why did he hide it?

Kyle Upham, a soldier, went with his fiancee Kristen to the jewelry store in Santa Barbara. This was in 2004. The man wanted to buy his fiancee a diamond engagement ring before leaving for another mission in Iraq.

They quickly they realized that on premises, there was also a star of the Fast and the Furious, Paul Walker. They struck a short conversation. Kyle told him that he had just returned from a military mission. Apparently the actor really took this in.


Finally, the couple from Victorville left the jeweler without a ring. They could not afford such a big expense (the trinket cost $ 9,000). A few minutes later, the clerk ran out of the store with a small bag holding the beautiful ring. She laughed and did not say explicitly that it was Paul Walker who bought it.

The lovers have been blessed with an unusual gift.

The couple was not sure who gifted them until the actor’s tragic death in 2013. It was then that the clerk, Irene King, taleked about this event, so that people could know the true character of the actor.

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The saleswoman Irene King. She only revealed the secret of Paul Walker after his death.