The secret to perfectly boiled eggs. From today you eat them the way you like them!

Boiling the perfect eggs, contrary to appearances, is not so easy. Some people like it when the yolk is solid, others like a runny consistency. It’s important to know how much time it takes to reach the appropriate density. Once you get the perfect egg, ie with the density we like best, it sometimes happens that they’re hard to peel. The shell sticks to it and tears a big part out of the white.

Kenji Lopez-Alt spent more than 80 hours, developing an ideal method for boiling eggs. He used for this purpose more than 200 eggs! For whites of hard-boiled eggs, the correct temperature is 180 °F (82 °C), the egg yolk only needs 170 °F (77°C). The man conducted a very simple experiment. He put one egg into boiling water every 30 seconds, then he added ice cubes. He waited another 30 seconds until the water reached a high temperature and pulled them out one by one. Here are the results of the experiment!



In addition, he proved that eggs inserted into cold water are peeled with more difficulty than those immersed in hot water. For the shell to come off without any problems, add a little salt to the water.