The smile on the faces these girls make is priceless, when they see their father!

There’s a special connection between fathers and their daughters, between mothers and sons. Raising a child is a big challenge for the parents, and raising a daughter is challenge for every father. No one knows why it’s like that, but it is as it is for years now. Many young men, not knowing when, succumb to the young daughter’s charms, and they become their Daddy’s little girl.

It goes like this probably because they are the first men in their lives and no one else has any influence on their upbringing. Based on what this mother of these twins was able to record, you can see how strong the connection is between Daddy and his little girls.

Every time Daddy shows up in the doorway, their little faces light up with a smile, that could make the whole planet shine. This is what a real bond between fathers and daughters looks like based on unconditional love.

The smile of these little two young ladies says it all.  


See the video that captures how much happiness a fathers presence can give. 

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