The story of a small sparrow, which shows that we should not envy other people!

Jealousy is a very destructive feeling that causes a lot of negative emotions. We often envy people who have a better job, a more attractive partner or better appearance. In fact, it doesn’t get you anywhere. We unnecessarily wind up and start hating people who seemingly have it better than us.

Sometimes jealousy comes from low self-esteem. If we think about ourselves in a negative way, we become bitter and jealous. Comparing ourselves with others makes us miserable and makes us see the world in dark colors.

Be sure to read the following story about a small sparrow. Perhaps this example will convince you that it is worthwhile to love each other and not envy others who have a better life, because it may just be a façade, and the truth about them could be completely different.


A sparrow was very pleased with himself and his own life until he saw a swan.

This swan is so beautiful – he thought. Compared to him, my feathers are very ugly!


Are you the happiest bird in the world? – He asked the swan

I was until I saw a beautiful parrot. They are a lot prettier than me and more colorful.

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