The story of the 23-year-old Tommy is incredible. The boy became a father, and then a grandfather a few weeks later!

It is said that life writes scenarios, sometimes quite surprising, as Tommy Connolly has seen. One day, his ordinary life changed by a message on Facebook, which he received from a long-unseen cousin.

Tommy is a cheerful boy who loves sports. His life was no different from the lives of other students: learning, seeing friends, casual work, working on his hobbies. Everything changed when he was contacted by Amy (name changed), a cousin younger than him by six years, which he used to play with. Unfortunately, the young people lost contact with each other, and their lives have gone differently. Amy began to use drugs and was expelled from school. Because of her addiction, the girl eventually landed on the streets where she lived for some time, and her problems only multiplied, as the 17-year-old Amy discovered she was pregnant.

Tommy did not expect that a message waiting for him on the social networking site will have had such a big impact on his life.


The desperate expectant mother decided to seek the support of Tommy, who years ago was her very kind. The boy soon learned how life ended up for Amy, and decided that he would do anything to help her. He decided that a cousin can stay with him, and that he will take care of her. So, he filed a request for adoption, which has been accepted by the relevant authorities and officially Amy has become his daughter.

With Tommy, fate finally smiled on Amy.