The story of this little deer prove that in the animal kingdom, differences aren’t important…

Darius found a deer while walking through the woods. The deer had a broken leg, which is why he decided to take it home with him. He was worried about how a wild animal will get along after meeting house pets, which turned out to be unnecessary. After regaining her health, the deer got along just fine with the other household members.

All the household pets helped her get back on her feet. Darius, and all of his cats, dogs, and deer helped take care of the hurt deer. One of the dogs became a foster father for the small deer. Nevertheless, the small deer had to be let free. When she got better and was strong enough, she returned to the forest.

While taking a walk, Darius noticed a small deer that was oddly moving.  


It turned out that the small deer had a broken leg, which didn’t let her run away from potential threats. 

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