The Strangest Conspiracy Theories! Some People Really Believe In Them!

Conspiracy theorists argue that certain relevant facts are cleverly concealed from the public. They believe that society is treacherously deceived by certain groups of people who want to hide some surprising events or embarrassing truth.

We present 5 most bizarre conspiracy theories! Some of them sound really ridiculous!

Prepare yourself for a shock!

1.Saddam Hussein was the owner of the Stargate

In 1994, the film “Stargate” was released. The main characters moved between galaxies due to the remarkable passage. One of the theories says that Saddam Husajn travelled through such an entrance. This was a direct reason for the United States to enter into his country.

It sounds unbelievable, but who knows!


2.Egyptians invented electricity

Some people believe that the pyramids are not only the graves! Apparently these are also giant pieces of electricity wires. I wonder whether Tutankhamen has wireless broadband in his tomb.


3.HAARP – a government weather control machine

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Alaska, was established to study the processes occurring in the ionosphere. The followers of conspiracy theories, however, argue that the device is used to control the weather. It is claimed that the machine is able to evoke cyclones, tsunamis and even earthquakes!