The Strangest Photos With Natural Phenomena In The Background. Nature Has The Power!

Sometimes natural phenomena are so amazing that you do not believe your eyes. These are some of the craziest pictures that have ever immortalized atmospheric phenomena.

One thing is certain, the weather and mother nature must be respected … and photographed.

1. At night of July 25, 1936, the city of Lincoln, Nebraska experienced the hottest night in the USA (except for the south west). The temperature did not fall below 90 ° F (32 ° C). Without the air conditioning, people spent the night on the lawns in front of the buildings.


2. Two seconds after taking the photo on the top of Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park in California brothers had been struck by lightning. The tourist taking the picture was killed on the spot. Sean (on the left) died from the serious injuries. Only Michael McQuilken (the boy on the right) survived.


3. Audra Tomas took a picture of herself with a tornado two miles from her farm. This whirlwind destroyed her property in Beaver City in Nebrasca. Fortunately, nothing happened to the girl.