The things which these people have found in their food will make you think twice before putting anything into your mouth. Number 7 is disgusting!

We live in an age where hygiene in the workplace and adherence to stringent standards of quality is a mandatory condition. In spite of this, it still occurs that something undesirable may appear in a bag of chips or a loaf of bread.

It’s fun, if it’s valuable, but when we pull out the head of a mouse or a razor blade, we begin to wonder who could have let this happen. Sometimes it happens by chance or by mistake, because an employee overlooked something, but sometimes certain objects find themselves in food deliberately (it is hard to believe that a cigarette accidentally fell into some rice). Take a look at some other strange discoveries that found themselves in food. Please be warned, some of the pictures are unpleasant!

1. Pair of glasses in a loaf of bread.


2. In 2009, a resident of Wisconsin found Nokia in a bag of chips.


3. In 2011, a woman from Texas saw that in ice cream which she had just bought, is a razor blade.


4. The baseball team The Australian Olympic were served muffins packed with office clips.