The top 5 regrets of the dying!

Dying people often regret that they didn’t do something in their life. The nurse Bonnie, working in hospice wrote down the things people usually regretted before their death. She even published her book.

1. People regret that they were not brave enough to live their life according to their own expectations, not others.

Dying people regret that they couldn’t live their life as they wanted. They were all the time thinking about others. Their expectations and needs, forgetting what was the most important. At the end of their trip, it turns out that we resign from many passions and dreams because of other people. A lot of people didn’t realize their plans due to the bad decisions that they once had made. When you lose your health, you start to appreciate the freedom that it gives…


2.People regret that they have been working so hard.

The nurse remembers that usually men regretted years that they have spent at hard work. These were older men that were the sole breadwinner in the family. The men regretted that they had spent too much time working.



3. People regret that they had no enough courage to express their feelings.

Many people suppress their feelings to live with others in peace, wasting this way their potential. Hiding our feelings we make ourselves unhappy. Maybe it is worth to release the fetters and say what we really feel; release from toxic relationships.