The tourist approached the corpse to look at it carefully. He will not forget what he saw for the rest of his life!

Events happen daily that are hard to explain rationally. Some of these situations are considered miracles, as they cannot be explained. 

In the Cathedral of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in Central-Western Mexico, there was something inexplicable. In September, one of the tourists recorded the Holy Innocence open her eyes, although for more than 300 years, her embalmed body lay in a glass coffin. Some see the film as a miracle caused by the finger of God, others consider the recording a scam. What is the truth? See the video and judge for yourself.


Holy Innocence lived in Guadalajara along with her father. In school, she encountered Christian faith and wanted to accept Christ into her heart in the form of the Holy Communion. She shared this dream with her father, but met with a severe rebuke, demanding she finish with all this nonsense. Innocence undertook secret tutelage with monks in preparation for the sacrament.

The Cathedral of Guadalajara has become the resting place of the pious girl.

The young Mexican was very happy when, together with her peers and dressed in a white robe, she was bestowed upon the joy of the Eucharist. Straight from the church, she ran home to share news with her father. Unfortunately, he got angry about the disobedience of his daughter and stabbed her with a knife in the chest. The girl died because she opposed the will of his father and took the Holy Communion.

The recording showing how the remains of the Saint open their eyes can be found on the next page.