The truth about Pugs, French bulldogs and other similar breeds is scary! Their appearance is a genetic defect with serious consequences!

Dogs are very diverse animals, so everyone will find a pet for themselves.

The difference between a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler is colossal. Such divergences between individual breeds of dogs result from both the natural evolution of the domestic dog and its adaptation to living conditions and human breeding experiments.

The International Kennel Federation recorded more than 400 breeds of dogs from several groups. One of them includes companion dogs, whose main function is to spend time with a human. Unfortunately, most of these breeds were not born naturally, and are the result of many years of the work of breeders who crossbred a certain selection of individuals to highlight certain characteristic of the animal.

Pugs, French bulldogs and Shih Tzus have a special place among the company dogs, because they have sweet faces and are suitable for breeding even in small apartments. Unfortunately, few people know that the appearance of these dogs is the result of a genetic defect that strongly affects the health and quality of life of the animal!

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