The truth about Pugs, French bulldogs and other similar breeds is scary! Their appearance is a genetic defect with serious consequences!

Pugs experienced a renaissance when the film titled “Men in Black” became popular in movie theatres. One of the production’s heroes was Frank, a Pug, so thousands of space fans wanted to breed the dog. However, veterinarians postulate that people should completely cease breeding Pugs and other similar breeds.

Pugs are the dogs most affected by eugenic manipulation. Their existence is the result of man’s craving, who has invented such a dog and crossbred similar individuals for years to achieve his ideal. Unfortunately, related dogs were often bred with each other, which only weakened the genes of the Pug.

For decades, breeders have been trying to raise a dog of small size, a double-twisted tail and a perfectly flattened mouth. The effect? Pugs have numerous health problems, which most seriously affect their respiratory system and bone structure.