The whole truth about french fries from McDonald’s!

Whoever has had fries from McDonald’s at least once knows that they taste great. they’re soft, crunchy and addictive. To calm consumer concerns (or even intensify them) about what they’re made from, McDonald’s has launched an advertising campaign with answers to frequently asked consumer questions about the fries.

The recording starts on a farm, where we see the collecting and selecting of tubers. The manufacturer emphasizes that the french fries are made from real potatoes! Then they answer some questions from Internet users.

The whole truth about french fries from McDonald's! 2

After blanching, dextrose is added to the fries, which gives them a nice crust.

Dextrose is a simple sugar, which increases the calorific value of the product.

We also add an ingredient that prevents it from aging.

Unfortunately, no one in the film doesn’t specifically say what the ingredient is.


From the video we can learn that the French fries have as much as a teaspoon of salt. A man emphasizes that the side is made from potatoes and fried using vegetable oil. This is what the manufacturer admits to, but as it turns out, there’s something else in the ingredients!

You can find in them up to 14 suspicious ingredients. On the next page you can find an experiment conducted by a journalist from the “Daily Mail”, who went to the potato processing plant for McDonald’s in Idaho.

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