The woman took her dog to the shelter, to find him a companion. Unexpectedly, the dog chose…a cat!

This story of these two animals is like a fairy-tale where friendship abides against all odds. Christina lives in Texas and as a child, she loved dogs. When she grew up and set up her own home, it could not miss a pet.

She decided for a Tamaskan Husky puppy. It is an intelligent and sociable breed so the puppy lacked a companion. Christina decided to find him a friend. Raven, as this was his name, had to make a choice who would join him.


Christina took Raven to the animal shelter in Lubbock. To her surprise, the doggy did not show much interest in the puppies there. He was more interested in the kittens, and especially the adorable cat called Woodhouse.

The kitten was so sweet that she charmed even a dog!

After a moment of fun they had together, Christina already knew that they would return home as three. The woman was very pleased with Raven’s choice, since she always wanted to have a dog and a cat, but she did not know if the animals would have liked each other.

The dog and the cat shared a remarkable understanding.

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