The woman was upset that her dog rushed into the bathroom when she was taking a shower. When she ran out of the room, everything became clear!

Mindi and her husband really loved their two-year Scottish shepherd named Papillon. However, after the birth of their daughter, it began to behave strangely and bite furniture, they began to suspect that it is jealous of the girl. For some time, they even thought about bidding him farewell.

On the 19th of June, 1993, Mindi was at home with her five-week-old daughter, Rachel, and their dog.


Her older daughter, 9-year-old Amanda, was playing in the back yard. When Rachel finally fell asleep, the tired mother decided to take a quick shower. Shortlyafterward, Papillon began to bark loudly and run around the room. The woman decided that it’s no big deal and initially ignored his strange behavior. When she was going to finish her shower, the dog she rushed into the bathroom and stuck his head under the shower curtain.

Mindi recalled the well-known film Lassie and the way in which the dog communicated with people. Papillon behaved in a very similar. Then she realized that it wanted to tell her something. The animal started directing her towards the nursery. Why was shepherd was so anxious?

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