The wreckage of a giant ship has been found. It must be Noah’s ArkThe wreckage of a giant ship has been found. It must be Noah’s Ark

The story of the flood, Noah and his ark have always been the subject of discussions. Some believe that it is an accurate record of the events that took place long before the birth of Christ, and for others, it is a symbolic parable about God, God’s wrath and giving a second chance. What is the truth?

It is difficult to confirm the authenticity of Biblical facts, that is why all findings relating to the history of mankind presented in the holy books of Christianity are thoroughly examined. It was no different in the case of the wreckage of the ship which was discovered on Mount Ararat in Turkey.


Great discoveries often occur by chance, and so it happened with the wreckage of the mysterious ship on the Turkish side of the mountain. In 1965, the army was documenting the area, and during one of the flights, an odd shape was noticed. Captain Llhan Durupinar, intrigued by the discovery visible only from the air, decided to learn more about it and sent the photos of this object to Arthur Brandeburger, a professor at the University of Ohio.

The first pictures of the alleged ark were made in the fifties.

It is said that seeing upon the photos, the American professor said he had no doubt that the object was a ship.

In my entire career, I have never seen such an object captured on photographic film.

The interest of the scientific community in the unexpected discovery turned out to be large and both American and Turkish archaeologists together began a series of studies aimed at explaining the mysterious object visible on the Ararat.

Intrigued archaeologists and scientists quickly started to work on the mountainside.

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