There is a big difference between infatuation and love. These sketches on everyday situations can show you which kind of feeling do you have for your partner

We all love the first months of a new relationship when butterflies fly in the belly and the thought of a loved one gives us the shivers. Unfortunately, these enjoyable and exciting emotions fade with time, and everyday reality verifies the strength of feelings.

Falling in love is a very pleasant state, which gives people a lot of joy. It also, however, alters one’s perception. Once in love, it’s not worth it to declare just how much in love you are, but to wait a little until the emotions settle and only then to declare one’s feelings.


Are you curious at what stage is your relationship and your feelings? Is it still a joyful infatuation or already a mature love affair? Look at these pictures and decide how do you behave in situations presented in them, and strength of your emotions will become clear.

The infatuated man compliments his overworked partner while the loving one helps them.


Those in love see external, those loving – internal beauty.

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