There’s proof that fashion has circled back and returned to the 90s. Find out for yourself!

History repeats itself and sometimes makes it seem to us that something had already taken place. While fashion designers claim that their projects are unique and new trends are quite fresh, it turns out that fashion also likes to return to what has already been checked and worked well. Today, fashion is a variant and possibly a better quality return to the nineties. Although hard to believe, it’s been 20 years since then!

Therefore, instead of going to the store, it’s worth taking a look in the closet to see if a piece of clothing that every girl has is there 😉

1. Jeans with a high waistline. They became a hit in no time. 


2. Destroyed jeans, previously only on the knees, now with more and more holes.  


3. Very short shorts. A great choice for a hot summer.