These 10 tricks will make you masters of quick and efficient cleaning

You cannot run from cleaning forever. The day will eventually come when you will have to do some spring cleaning: clean all the nooks and crannies, wash every blanket and curtain, decontaminate the sofa upholstery, shake rugs, refresh grouting… And the list goes on with things that still need to be done. Although cleaning work seems to have no end, it can be simplified.

Cleaning is time and cost consuming, unfortunately, because household cleaning supplies aren’t cheap. If you feel bad just thinking that you’ll have to spend tens of dollars on liquids, powders and other supplies and on top of that spend the next several hours scrubbing the house down, then use the following tips. Thanks to their application, you’ll be able to quickly and with the use of natural methods clean items such as baking sheets, car upholstery or a hairbrush.


Let’s get to work, the sooner we begin cleaning up, the faster it will be done. And after all the effort put into it, you can allow yourself a well-deserved resting session in a clean home.

1. Burnt pots and baking sheets

Scrubbing burnt leftovers does not require the use of harmful chemicals. Just prepare a paste made of baking soda (baking soda plus a small amount of water and vinegar). The paste should be applied to the burnt area and left to sit for some time, and then vigorously washed off.


2. Window frames

We wash windows several times a year, and the most nerve-racking part is washing the frames which accumulate large amounts of dirt. Their removal is not convenient, so be sure to sprinkle some baking soda on the window frames and pour vinegar on top of it. After a while, you can easily wipe the frames clean with a cloth and remove the dissolved dirt.


3. Washing machine

The washing machine is one of the most used devices in the home, so you cannot forget to maintain and clean it. Unsightly stains tend to appear in the dispenser tray meant for powder and liquid detergents. It’s not always easy to take it out to clean thoroughly, so when trying to wash the dispenser and refresh the entire washing machine, you should pour baking soda into the dispenser tray in place of a detergent, pour a little vinegar into the drum and set the empty washing machine to clean itself on a high temperature washing cycle.