These 7 questions will help you find your purpose in life. Do you have the courage to ask them for yourself?

Each of us from time to time he feels lost, no idea what to do next. We believe that time is running out to us on things that do not matter. However, we cannot specify what they really want from life, because by the end we do not know. We cannot find a target, and thus begin to get nervous and our frustration takes us time and energy.

If that’s how you feel, you do not know what to do next. Ask yourself these questions will help you clear it and catch a thin thread leading to the answer.

1. What passions accompanied you as a child?

What excited when you were younger? Out gathering figures, magazine theme? When did you stop doing it when he abandoned the passion and why? Often this is due to lack of time or pressure from the public that are already too large. Think about your childhood passions, do you still like them, or completely changed.


2. What do you do to fill your free time?

You do not have work and spend time at home, what are you doing? You have a plan for the day or time you leaking through his fingers. How do you spend your free time, time after work? You fill it effectively or moaning and watching tv? Save ideas, what would you do in your spare time and just start doing it, stop all put off until tomorrow.


3. What makes you forget about the world around?

When you work on something that absorbs you, time passes unnoticed. They forget to eat and drink, can be completely absorb what they are doing. As he had?


4. What problems do you bother?

What new things do you like to know? What are you looking in the news? Sometimes it bothers us is that we do not have passion, but just look around and certainly something you’re interested in. You know, the beginnings are difficult, acquiring basic knowledge and developing it, it takes time. Remember that this time has elapsed, and so!