These 8 reasons will convince you that it’s worth loving your dog!

Who is still unconvinced that a dog is the best companion for life, both for single people and for the whole family, should read this article. Dogs have so much empathy, warmth and joy in them that each day will be much better.

Of course, there will always be someone who will say that dogs can destroy or break something and chew up your favorite slippers. However, compared to their advantages these are just little things, see for yourself!

1. They will give you limitless love

Dog’s brains work like humans – if you endow it with love, it will give it back to you with a vengeance. If you don’t love him with all your heart – he will still give you all of his.



2. They will help you in physical activity and healthy life

You will quickly find out for yourself that lingering in bed is pointless and you’ll be happy to start your day off by walking or running. Dog owners are 70% more active than other animal owners.

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3. They help fight allergies

Thanks to being in contact with a dog and his bacteria, children become more resistant to allergies than those living in sterile conditions.

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4. They help maintain mental balance

This is not a joke. You can entrust all your worries and troubles in a dog, and doing so you can talk about them for hours on end, without being laughed at. Thanks to this “discussion” about all your troubles, you can find a solution to the problems and just spill the beans.

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