These chocolates, loved worldwide, are dangerous for your health! Think twice before you reach for one or give them to a child!

A few days ago, a German food quality control organization – FoodWatch – announced some disturbing information. It turns out that the popular and loved by almost all children Kinder chocolate contains harmful substances, which in recent time are being increasingly brought up as one of the causes of cancer.

Tests found that the chocolate contains, among other substances, saturated mineral oils, which generally shouldn’t be eaten by humans! The question is how they found their way into chocolate meant for children…


In light of these facts, FoodWatch is urging merchants to recall and discontinue the sale of the harmful products in German stores. Will their calls bring adequate results? Time will tell.

What’s more, the German organization’s list doesn’t end with “kinder surprises.”

The black list also mentions products such as Fioretto Nougat Mini manufactured by Lindt and Sun Rice Classic Schoko-Happen chocolate bars.

The manufacturers have stated that they’ll closely monitor the production of their products in the future, but also stressed that the substances found in their products occur naturally in the environment, and can then also find their way into edible food products. Do you think we can trust them? Or is it rather an attempt to protect the image of a large company?

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