These little hedgehogs lost their mother. They would’ve died without any heat, if it hadn’t been for an unusual foster mother!

Hedgehogs are extremely grateful creatures that are difficult to dislike. No wonder that animal lovers often keep them as pets in their homes, just like they do cats or dogs. These people gain extremely grateful friends. Anyways, it’s enough to just watch some videos of these insect-eating mammals in the lead role, to completely fall in love with them.

An adult hedgehog is a charming pet, so it is difficult to be surprised by the fact that people melt when they see a tiny one. The hedgehogs from today’s story have recently lost their mother and without her warmth and care they wouldn’t have been able to survive, but… they found a foster mother!


Sonya, a cat, has recently become a mother, and after the first contact with the orphaned, spiked balls of cuteness, she immediately surrounded them with motherly care. See for yourself with what great care she looks after the babies :).

I am shocked that such an unusual “adoption” happened in the animal world, moreover, between different species. And I really like it :). If you’ve been captivated by this story like I’ve been, share it with your friends! 🙂