These owners mimic their best friends. The results are hilarious!

The photographer Ines Opifanti from Hamburg decided to do a photo-shoot with owners copying the faces that their dogs make. Three years ago, Ines adopted a blue-eyed puppy and quickly noticed that his face resembles the facial expressions of a person. And the opposite is true too, people can also copy the expressions of their pets. This is how the idea for this photo-shoot came up.

A few people were photographed along with their dogs. The dogs had been placed on a small podium, so that their facial expressions could be captured. The owners interacted with their pets and used treats to encourage them to cooperate with the camera. The most important part of the whole experience is to make sure that the dogs feel relaxed and calm, which makes taking pictures of them acting natural easier. First, the dogs had their picture taken, then the owners had to try and interpret what the animal was thinking about and mimic it. Ines noticed, that the owners make very good interpretations of their own dogs, which is really fascinating since we both belong to two completely different species.


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