These parents perfectly troll their daughter’s photos

Everyone can agree with the statement, that every family is one of a kind 😉 No one can give you better advice about boys than your older sister and no one can annoy you as well as your younger brother. There are families were the parents also have a large sense of humor and can unsettle their child. Of course, we’re talking about cases that don’t cross certain borders.

A large sense of humor belongs to the parents of Emily Musson, who started posting selfies online after moving for college. The parents didn’t miss the chance and started to troll the photos of her with her boyfriend. Now the pictures are popular all around the world. 🙂


The girl says that her parents, jokingly, probably take drugs or something. Then she said that it’s even funny.

These photos show that the best part of being a parent is the opportunity to make fun of your own children. There’s something to it. They are doing a good job and it’s probably because that no one knows us better than our own parents. So, it’s impossible for their trolling not to be funny 😉  

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Parents with a sense of humor is a treasure! 😉