These People Got Stuck In Strange Places! Watching These Photos I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

Many people are deprived of their imagination and common sense. They do not realize that sometimes the fun can end in tragedy.

See people who got stuck in strange places. The smile is guaranteed! 🙂


1. A washing machine

This young man came up with a brilliant idea. To surprise his girlfriend and at the same time to initiate love tricks, he hid in a washing machine. After a while he realized that it would be hard to get out on his own. Fortunately, fire-fighters came to the place and pulled out the unfortunate.


2. The hole in the prison wall

One of the Brazilian prisoners wanted at all costs to get out of the prison. He was not going to wait for the end of the stretch. He took matters into his own hands and by using a metal pipe from the wall of the shower, he picked a hole, through which he wanted to escape. However, the gap was too small and he stuck inside. Fortunately, the guards came to the rescue.


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