These peppers aren’t identical. One important detail, which also has an impact on their taste, tells them apart

Bell peppers are a very popular vegetable used widely in kitchens around the world. It’s an ingredient in mouth-watering dishes, and it’s used in stews and salads. The vegetable is also perfect for pickling, braising or baking in the oven.

Think about what your intentions are when buying a pepper in the grocery store. Usually the price comes first, then appearance. If it’s fresh, ripe and with no discoloration, you put it into your cart without thinking, but you should pay attention to one more thing.


Inspect it carefully and see if you have the male or female variety in your hand. This is quite important because male peppers usually have less seeds and are better suited for cooking and braising. The female variety is indeed more abundant in seeds, but it’s much sweeter and ideal for salads and sandwiches.


How do you check which pepper is female and which one is male?

Turn them around and count how many bumps they have. Male peppers should have 3 bumps, and females 4. That’s the secret!