These pictures restore faith in humanity and are touching because of their message

Many things that surround us, many of the messages that reach us, bring sad news. Destruction, war and the suffering of many people have become so common that we cease to notice them in everyday life. The amount of information is growing, so we begin to ignore it in order to function normally.

However, there are stories and photos that restore faith in human goodness. The simplest of help and lending a hand to the needy are acts of kindness which move everyone. There isn’t a person who wouldn’t stop to look at one of these pictures. It is worth taking a look at them, and more importantly, following the example set in them.


1. A man saw a homeless person who was desperately looking for something to read. He gave him his e-reader.

2. A restaurant employee took out his umbrella and helped an elderly man get into his car while it was raining.

3. A man risked his own life to save a small kangaroo.

4. A rescue group called Spokanimal is devoted to finding homes for cats so that they won’t be put to sleep in a shelter.