These pictures will show you what you pay for buying products made by well-known companies

Popular brands are in pursuit of one thing – how to sell less for good money, and we the consumers fall for that trick.

Shopping usually means a series of choices between the products which are good and healthy and those we can afford. When we buy ready-made food and junk food we often pay through the noses. Companies aggressively advertise their products to make us reach for them without thinking about the price and ingredients. We are rather gullible, especially when we dare to visit a shopping center or a supermarket with an empty stomach.

Then, every product tries to draw our attention with its attractive packaging. A lot of people work to make customers spend money without too much thinking. That is why bread is always so far away from the checkouts and it smells so good.

Do you want to know what you pay for when you are buying a packet of chips and other products? If so, see yourself how much you can spend on a potato that is worth a few cents.