These professional chef’s tricks will make your cooking delight all!

When somebody works with something every day they find many simplifications and tricks that help them do the job quickly and efficiently. Those people make their own lives easier by checking the results of their methods.

Professional chefs know more tricks than there are fish in the sea. We found the best among them, which are easy and give turn out great. Now you can share them with your friends or just smile, when asked about the secret of delicious rice.

1. When boiling rice, add a little vinegar, it will have a snow-white color.


2. If you want to accent the taste of dishes with garlic, cut the clove and rub the plate before serving the food. 


3. You want to serve meat in a new, interesting way? You just need a good pint of dark beer. You can also use a light beer with the addition of soy sauce, salt and pepper. Beer is good for stewing braised vegetables too, they will have a rare taste. 


4. While cooking a liver, remember to add salt just at the end, otherwise it will get unpleasantly hard. 


5. When you’re cooking broth and you see that it becomes cloudy drop in an ice cube, it will soon clear up.