These respected actresses were once real sex-bombs. It’s hard to believe that people change so much with age

Time is ticking, and the process of aging will hunt down each and every person. We don’t notice the minor changes which age people on a daily basis, but when we compare a recent photo of someone with one taken many years ago, then we clearly see the imprint of time.

Everyone has at least once happened to watch an old movie and wondered who the actress or actor was. The voice coming from the screen seemed familiar, as well as the eyes and facial expressions, but you couldn’t figure out who it was and where you had already seen them. It was only during the end credits that it turned out that the actress is one whom you know very well and watch daily in a modern day television show. Unfortunately, people’s facial features can change up to the point where someone is completely unrecognizable, especially when comparing photographs of when they were 20 and currently, 70 or 80 years old.


On this and the following pages you’ll find pictures of more than twenty actresses who are legends of the movie world, once captivating many with their beauty, making men’s hearts beat faster and being perceived as symbols of sex. Today, they’re static seniors who resemble our grandmothers and have little in common with the seductive girls, whom all of them were once considered to be.

Faye Dunaway

time (19)

Jessica Lange

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Ann Margret

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