These stars worked hard really for their position. See their rise from rags to riches!

The road to stardom is not an easy one. If you do not have famous parents, who can make it easier, you have to overcome many difficulties and often have to prove a lot to reach the top. Sometimes you need to move to a strange city penniless, other times – take a hopeless job.

However, if you have a craving for success, you will do anything to satisfy it. And these are examples of hard work and determination leading to reaching of the stars.

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1. Joanne Rowling

The world-famous writer, now a millionaire, before becoming famous, was simply poor. She couldn’t find a job and could barely make ends meet. A book about the little wizard written in 1990 took nearly seven years of looking for a publisher. Determination paid off, and now she is one of the richest British women. She could be the richest, but she gave a lot of money to charity.


2. Jim Carrey

He came from a poor family and worked since his school years to help his parents. Once he decided to take part in a stand-up competition, and he was not successful. However, he did not give up, and two years later he won the competition. He moved to Los Angeles and attended every audition announced. Finally, he got a starring role in the movie “Ace Ventura,” a cheap comedy. And it worked – the film made history, and Jim’s career began in earnest.


4. Jeniffer Lopez

She comes from a poor family, her parents did not approve her decision of quitting her job in a office for a dance school. Initially, she worked for big stars, dancing in the background. Then she became a star and shines even now.