These stories show that kindness is everywhere!

In today’s crazy world full of conflict and instability, it’s hard to maintain hope for the future. So, how do you stay open-minded and maintain a big heart for others, when the world seems to be unpleasant and cruel. The answer is simple. Start with the small things! From giving away kindness all around!

It isn’t difficult to pay attention to people around us, to their sorrows and needs. Sometimes what you do good will require little effort from you, and for others it will mean everything.

1. A friend couldn’t go to a party, so the party came to him.



2. A man asked a girl to followed his training with a phone. The run ended up in the place where they first met.



3. A man was laughing at how another stout man dances. This entry was noticed by Pharrell Williams and Moby, who invited him to a big party. And who’s laughing now?