These three beautiful sisters aren’t models, but athletes who took part in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

In the world of sports, there are many people who are related to each other, but identical triplets practicing the same sports discipline is an unprecedented phenomenon.

Leila, Liina and Lily Luik are three adorable sisters from Estonia, who succeeded in qualifying for the Olympic Games.


The girls have always been active: they walked to get to their extracurricular activities (mainly artistic), rehearsed dance and worked in the rescue services. The result of such an active lifestyle was running, which further joined them together because like they say themselves, running with someone is better, it becomes easier and more pleasant. Their persistence made running change from a passion into a profession.

Running together is what the sisters love to do.
sisters luik (1)

The sisters’ similarity isn’t only an attraction but also the cause of problems and misunderstandings. The judges and event organizers have to be able to distinguish them from each other flawlessly, that’s why their names will most likely be replaced with numbers, to be sure who is who. We must admit that telling who is who from the three is a big problem.

The sisters aren’t only talented, but also beautiful.

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